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Christine Bauer

Christine Bauer


Munich-photographer Christine Bauer discovered her love for interiors and photography very early. At 11 she was already decorating an apartment for her Barbie doll. Later she developed her creativity and highly intuitive vision while working as a freelance stylist for editorial and commercial clients. She did this for several years before turning to her real passion - photography.

Christine discovers something beautiful everywhere she goes. One of her strengths is the capacity to create beauty out of nothing. She quickly recognises various styles and moods, all of which she interprets or recreates in her images.

One only has to look at her work to recognise her style, in modern, vintage or rustic interiors. Her clients appreciate the liveliness and emotion shown in her images. Her knowledge both as a stylist and photographer has allowed her to project her unique style throughout the shoot. She especially loves working with natural light.

Christine's work can be found in many renowned lifestyle and interior magazines all over the world and she has also photographed for companies including Escada, Ikea, Villeroy & Boch and Jab Anstoetz. She specialises in interior photography, the production of home stories and atmospheric still life photographs.

Christine Bauer
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