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Rebecca Martyn

Rebecca Martyn


Interiors are what Rebecca loves to photograph most, apart from her kids of course! The images of the self-taught artist can now be found in our collection.

Rebecca Martyn first started out with photography in 2005 when she bought her first camera. She didn’t have an idea of what she was doing. She just went along and taught herself. She photographed weddings, music videos, and portraits. After three years, she decided to invest in her own business. By chance she started to photograph houses for real estate agents and found her love for interior photography.

Rebecca has a passion for travel and just experiencing culture and architecture in general. Her travels give her so much inspiration that she wishes she could travel even more.

Rebecca Martyn always works with natural light. For that reason she doesn’t call herself a technical photographer.

"I love when I get to the perfect picture without actually planning it."

Rebecca Martyn
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