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Syl Loves

Syl Loves


Sylvia Gervais has been living her dream as a professional photographer for more than three years now. She works as a photographer and stylist for a number of online and print magazines. Early on she completed her studies in engineering and mathematics in Germany, but that's when the creative side took over.

She always wanted to be a photographer. Interior designer Elsie de Wolfe once said, "I am going to make everything around me beautiful. That will be my life." This has become Sylvia's motto and motivated her to start the "Syl loves" brand. Beautiful flowers, delicious foods, vintage and retro interiors are all displayed in vivid colors and showcased with the distinctive "Syl loves" style. She fills every photo with love and her unique creative energy.

Bright colours, especially red and vintage 1950's style are her favourite themes. She adores flowers and loves working on interiors and meeting interesting people with whom she can share her work.

Syl Loves
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