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Heidi Fotografie

Heidi Fotografie


Photographer Heidi likes to photograph people. But in interior design and styling has always interested her. This results in authentic interior pictures of individual homes.

Heidi Borgart completed her training as a photographer in Amsterdam. She has dedicated herself to portrait photography. It has become her specialty. For her final thesis, she photographed the homeless in her hometown and got closer to them through volunteer work. This project led her to having large exhibitions in various places in the Netherlands and a high profile. Over time, Heidi added corporate and commissioned photography to her portfolio.

"Every person is beautiful and has something special that makes them unique. That is what I would like each picture to show."

The photographer has always been interested in interior design and styling. She likes that you can show how a family appreciates and uses a house. She says, children, in particular, are very open-minded and often don’t even notice when you photograph them. This how she is able to capture authentic pictures of living spaces and present them in the form of features.

The Dutch woman loves unexpected moments and often photographs only by feeling. She likes that she has turned her hobby into a profession with Heidi Fotografie.

In her private life, Heidi loves to be in nature walking her dog. The photographer lives in Haarlem in the Netherlands. She is inspired by magazines and social media, especially Instagram. As a photographer, she finds social media very important.

Heidi Fotografie
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