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Nicoline Olsen

Nicoline Olsen


Gorgeous home tours, décor and mood stories, D-I-Y and garden features – Nicoline produces a full spectrum of home & living themes. She is always looking for the soul of the residents behind the interior.

Nicoline Olsen started her career as an interior designer and stylist before taking up her position behind the camera lens. Homes filled with personality have become her specialty and her images have a unique style: For Nicoline it’s important that the final pictures reflect the soul of the residents.

"My work is not too perfect or sterile, and there is always an inspiring atmosphere in the pictures."

Nicoline lives in the center of Copenhagen. She works with many other people, such as other stylists or graduates from design schools. She is also involved in projects with architects.

"Over time I have become more and more true to reality."

Nicoline loves all challenges. She gets inspiration from magazines, but especially when she walks through Copenhagen. Generally, memories from travelling throughout the world have a great influence on her creative mind. She likes to surround herself with many innovative people, whom she often meets at art and design fairs.

Her craziest shoot ever was with people, a cat, a dog and two chickens. They had to watch out for the dog so that it wouldn’t eat the chickens, which caused incredible chaos, but was also fun. She has also been on an iceberg in Iceland while shooting her images.

Nicoline Olsen
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