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Simon Maxwell Photography

Simon Maxwell Photography

United Kingdom

Simon Maxwell is a member of the British Institute of Professional Photographers and the Royal Photographic Society. He has been based in London since 2007, working for a wide range of editorial and commercial clients. He has a particular interest in photographing residential architecture and interior design. A perfectionist when it comes to lighting, exposing and processing his images, he sees architectural and interiors photography as a challenge to explore, discover and reflect his three dimensional subject in two dimensions.

When he enters a building he automatically observes it in minute detail, mentally composing as he goes along and thinking about how he may light it. For him interior photography is a still life on a grand scale. He strives to seek out interesting and original views of a space along with its unique features and decorative style.

Simon regards photography as both an art and a science. With commercial work, he feels that his task is to collaborate with the interior designer or architect in order to translate his or her three-dimensional creation onto a two dimensional picture plane, while communicating the essence of the design thinking which helped to create that room.

In his editorial work, the task is similar but with the added challenge of introducing the home owner, whether directly with a portrait, or more subtly through the narrative suggested by their possessions. The process can be long and frustrating but the more complex the assignment, the more gratifying the feeling when he finishes with a strong set of images.

Simon Maxwell Photography
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