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Sabine Löscher

Sabine Löscher


Sabine Löscher mainly photographs DIY projects and floral decorations. Her pictures shine a light on the small and inconspicuous things that want to be seen. The natural look is her stylistic trademark.

After initially studying photography, Sabine Löscher worked on a wide range of topics. In the end, she specialized in DIY, interior and flower photography. Her images possess a natural look, which made this style the trademark of her photography. Sabine works for clients all over Europe.

Her photographs show the small and inconspicuous things, too. Her DIY collection of steps and stills invite you to discover the “new” in used materials. Thus, creating a unique authentic space.

The photos and features are usually created from a single source, Sabine. She prefers to produce her stories completely by herself. She takes the process over completely from the idea and styling to the photographic realization.

Sabine loves natural light and therefore enjoys working outdoors. Sustainable thinking and a respectful approach to nature are very important to her.

Sabine Löscher
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